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Dexion manufactures and supplies a range of products to assist industrial and commercial customers solve storage and materials handling challenges. Dexion operates principally in two market segments:

  • Industrial storage solutions for distribution management and materials handling applications, both manual and automated; and
  • Commercial storage and filing solutions.

The core product range includes pallet racking, shelving and automated systems used in logistics and warehousing, and storage along with filing solutions including cabinets, shelving, lockers and Compactus® mobile storage.

The business is broadly represented in the Asia-Pacific region, with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. Dexion also operates with a global network of suppliers who manufacture components and complementary products.

Like all GUD's companies, Dexion is known in its markets by its brands, including Dexion and Compactus®.

The strong reputation of these brands is supported by customised training, state-of-the-art design tools, active research and development, rigorous product testing, after-sales-service and a lifetime product warranty.


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